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Our core team of experienced, creative storytellers for hire.

Joe Sikoryak

Joe is an award-winning producer-director and graduate of the SFSU film program. He uses the same storytelling skills in narrative films as well as countless projects for non-profit, corporate and magazine clients. If you want to connect with your audience on an emotional level, Joe will find the way. 

Terry VerHaar

A self-described big-picture guy, Terry has covered the scope of film production and done his share of marketing strategy. From pre-vis through cinematography, to editing, he has worked on 50+ short films and commercials. His never-ending battle is to "make better films by making films better."


Our growing network of colleagues, ready for any assignment

Yoni Resnick

Yoni is a cinematographer/editor who started with a prestige film unit in the Israeli army. He specializes in documentary film with a social consciousness, and capturing a crystal clear image and telling a moving story is what gets him out of bed each day.

Eric Sahlin

Eric is an architectural and interior photographer as well as a highly trained videographer and producer. With the added distinction of an FAA Part 107 certified drone license, he can offer a bird’s eye view of any project.

“It's Always Something”
Narrative short, 11 min.
Written and directed by Derrick Scocchera, produced by Joe Sikoryak.
Documentary short, 9 min.
Produced and directed by Joe Sikoryak, photographed and edited by Terry VerHaar.
"One Small Step"
Animated short, 4 min.
Produced and directed by Joe Sikoryak and Steve Sikoryak.
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