Joe Sikoryak is a producer, director and designer living in San Francisco. A graduate of the SFSU film program, Joe has produced and/or directed seven award-winning shorts, which have been shown in festivals worldwide, including Garden State, Tribeca, Sitges, Shriekfest, and Comic-Con. His work as a creative producer includes animation, television and feature films. 


Joe has served at several film festivals as both presenter and judge and was a voting member of the Recording Academy for 12 years. In 2018 he hosted and co-produced “Talkshow 1.0,” a local arts TV program in San Francisco.

In 2019 he launched his production company APOLOG films for commercial projects and feature films. An “apolog” is a fable, or a story with a lesson. Joe is committed to telling stories that are visually rich and emotionally compelling with a positive message. Or to paraphrase director François Truffaut: a good film is “a perfect blend of truth and spectacle”—with uplift.

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