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2018 in Review: Our Year in the Movies

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Joe Sikoryak interviews cast and crew from "Brothers In Arms", the unauthorized "Platoon" documentary.

It’s been an incredibly busy year for us, particularly since Apolog has been in the gestation phase. But in no particular order, we completed production on "Snaggletooth” which was selected for a half-dozen film festivals and won two awards... Speaking of which, “D for DOCs” also enjoyed another six screenings around the U.S. (including a trifecta over one weekend in the NYC metro area) ...

Joe presented 20 films (as speaker / moderator) at Cinequest, including the closing night presentation of “Brothers in Arms.” There were many panels, presentations and parties to attend throughout the year, sponsored by the likes of FILMSF and SFFILM, Bay Area Film Mixer, Bridge Film Space, Guerrilla Rep Media, Scary Cow Productions, and more. That’s what 2019 is starting to look like—even moreso...

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