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Through a series of vignettes, the often inexplicable behaviors of our fellow humans are observed and commented upon by a droll narrator. No matter how outlandish or senseless the action, one thing is certain: It's Always Something.

This short film will play like a nature documentary of the type narrated by David Attenborough, except that it will feature strange denizens of the mysterious land called San Francisco, doing those things that pass for "contemporary life."

Written and directed by Derrick Scocchera (Fantoma Films), and produced by award-winning filmmaker Joe Sikoryak (Apolog Films), this wry take on human foibles promises to change your view of your family, friends, and neighbors alike.

Our large cast of local actors were all found through and the Beverly Hills Playhouse in San Francisco.​

Our crew includes director of photography Bryan Perido, casting director Rebecca Teresia and associate producer Rahil Alimohammad of the Bay Area Film Collective.

As a micro-budget, non-commercial production, we depend on the good will of everyone—especially those interested in supporting locally-made, community artwork. We are working in cooperation with the San Francisco Film Commission, SF Parks and Recreation, and hope that you will lend your support as well.

About the writer-director

Derrick Scocchera is a director, screenwriter, painter, and co-founder of the premiere DVD label Fantoma Films. Derrick wrote and directed A Perfect Place, a 25-minute short, and has adapted The Rabbit Factory for Lionsgate and the short film Hog’s Tooth into a feature. He also plans to direct his original scripts The Short Parade and The Last City.  


An accomplished illustrator, Derrick has also designed movie posters, drawn storyboards and created DVD artwork. His paintings are currently showing at multiple galleries in San Francisco.

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